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How to Avoid an “Oops” Buy

Here are a few boat-buying mistakes that are all too common.

The Power isn’t what you expected.
The most expensive item on your boat is not the place to scrimp unnecessarily.  An undersized engine limits your boat’s potential and may have to work too hard.  Depending on how the boat is operated, you may use more fuel with the smaller engine.  Too much horsepower is an unnecessary expense, but it’s better to err on this side rather than being underpowered.  A good general rule is to go with at least 80% of the maximum horsepower rating.

The boat’s too small. 
Now that you have a new boat, everybody will want a ride - the in-laws, Junior’s soccer buddies, Junior’s soccer buddies’ in-laws. Consider that extra two or three feet.  Hindsite is always twenty-twenty and if you have the space and the few extra dollars, one size bigger boat may be something to consider.

You bought the wrong package. 
The Deluxe Fishing Edition sounds nice in the showroom, but it might be excess if you only fish once every two months.  Think: What will you use more often: Storage space or two livewells and a rod locker?

The proper trailer for the boat.
If the upgrade to the trailer is a pair of chrome-plated rims and premium paint, then it’s an aesthetics call.  But if you pay a little extra for a custom-fit trailer and sealed lights, you’ll save yourself a load of frustration in the short and long run.

Looking to save a dollar.
Trying to save more by forgoing factory-installed options for aftermarket additions is not always the answer.  Decide what options you’d like before-hand and get them factory installed if possible.  It consolidates your warranties and results in a better installation.  And it usually costs LESS!!

You bought from a dealer who offers limited or no service.
You can’t just take your boat to the local mechanic, so finding the right dealer is a key maintenance issue.  Find out if they offer expedited service to their new boat customers.  Research their service department and reputation because they may play a large role in your summer fun.