Steps to purchasing your NEW BOAT!

  1. Look for boat review articles in boating magazines. Check online for a variety of different websites for more reviews and videos.
  2. Find the right boat style, size and equipment for your needs and budget. There's no better place to do this than at a boat show. Also, call the dealership and ask for some advice.
  3. Get an idea of what you're looking for before you start shopping. Knowing what you are looking for will reduce the amount of confusion once you begin looking. There are many different makes and models to chose from, so narrowing it down ahead of time will help you in your buying experience.
  4. Introduce yourself to dealers who sell the boats that appeal to you most. Buying from a Certified Boating Ontario Dealer will give you confidence in knowing you are buying from a professional. Express your needs to make sure that the dealership can accommodate and meet your expectations.
  5. Ask about production schedules. Deliveries of ordered boats often lag as much as a year from your date of purchase.
  6. Study brochures and sales materials. Look at the options that are available for the boat you are looking at.
  7. When you're looking it is ALWAYS better to buy from a local dealership. There are lots of benefits of purchasing from a quality local dealership. Ask if you will receive priority for service or warranty repairs. They should be willing to assist with any boating related questions that you may have.
  8. When comparing prices, ensure that your final pre-tax price includes: FREIGHT, PDI, REGISTRATION and LICENSING. Sticker pricing can be deceiving and may appear thousands less if those items aren’t included in your quote.
  9. Check out the dealers financing options. Utilizing the dealers financing plan may allow your money to work better for you. Most dealers offer payment options which have no penalties for additional payments or early payout. Check to see what works best for you.
  10. Ask if any on-water training is included. Even experienced boaters will benefit from an in-water demonstration of the new boats features upon delivery.
  11. Prepare yourself financially and emotionally to become a boat owner.
  12. Have some great time on the water!

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