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What to look for in a USED Boat!

  • Determine what type of boat will best suit your needs.  Narrowing down the style, size, age and price range before you start shopping will save you a lot of confusion.
  • Determine how far from home you're willing to travel to shop for a boat.  Unlike real estate, boats can move almost anywhere.  It isn't unusual for people to travel far and wide to buy a used boat.
  • Search the classifieds or the Internet for boats that fit the profile that you've developed.  Consider utilizing a Yacht Broker to aid in your search.
  • If you are considering a used boat from a Dealership or Brokerage firm ensure that they are a member of the Ontario Yacht Brokers and Dealers Association.  Buying from a Certified Boating Ontario Dealer will ensure a level of professionalism and help to protect you in your purchase.
  • Check the classified ads and Internet listings for prices of comparable boats.
  • Set up appointments to view boats.
  • Eliminate undesirable boats and make a short list of those that meet your requirements.
  • When you are ready to make an offer don't be afraid to make it with certain conditions.  Common conditions are: mechanical inspection, marine survey, water test, financing, etc.  Expenses associated with these are generally the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • Depending on the value of the boat, you may wish to contact a licenced Marine Surveyor to inspect it.  This is the equivalent of a home inspection and may be well worth the investment.
  • Prepare to have a great time on the water!